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Synthbits: The reface DX Legacy Project

Synthbits: The reface DX Legacy Project
If you are a reface DX owner, you need to know about reface DX Legacy Project. Check out this special Sythbits . . . 

The reface DX Legacy Project is a website created by a programmer in the Netherlands. He converted the Voices from many classic FM synthesizers to reface DX format via an application he created using the Python programming language. He has posted lots of sounds - and even provides a nice explanation on loading system exclusive (SysEx) files into the reface DX. If you appreciate what he has done, you can donate to the project as well.

Check out the reface DX Legacy Project here. If you want to go deeper check out his DX/TXconvert software here.

Join the conversation about this project on the Forum here.

And stay tuned for more tasty bits of Synth to come!
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