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This reface DX tip will allow you access to 64 Voices... 32 of your own Custom creations/selections plus individual access to any of the Factory Set of 32.

Store your newly made reface DX Voices in the 32 locations on board the instrument.
You're probably thinking you don't want to overwrite the factory Voice in that location (this was a major issue with Yamaha's previous DX keyboards... Some people never overwrote the factory Voices). This has been addressed in the reface DX: you can recall any single factory Voice (without having to restore all 32) and without losing your own custom Voice either.

Say you overwrite the "LegendEP" in Bank 1-4, it is not lost at all, you can recall it individually, as follows:
Call up Bank 1-4
Select screen 4 _ simply press repeatedly - the dots in the upper right indicate the page


Select "Voice Recall" third function _ press the 3rd red touch button
"JOB: VOICE RECALL Are you sure?" appears
Answer YES
This will recall the "LegendEP" to the current Edit Buffer, where you can play it, edit it, etc.

Move away from this location, your own custom Voice will return to that location - really, it never left. The VOICE RECALL simply restores the preset to the active Edit Buffer. This Edit Buffer is cleared when you move away from this location.

You can think of the "Voice Recall" Function as a way to keep 64 Voices in your reface DX- your own 32, plus the factory set 32!

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