Artist Sounds

By: Blake Angelos

Keyboard legend Greg Phillinganes shares his MONTAGE M Sounds.

Keyboard legend Greg Phillinganes shares his MONTAGE M Sounds.

Greg’s Lush Layer

Greg’s Lush Layer is a three-Part Performance featuring new MONTAGE M Voices. This layer features the rich Hamburg Grand layered with the bright Tines 78Rd electric piano and a warm AN-X pad. The Scenes change parameters like Keyboard Control and Part levels, and the Super Knob controls filter and effect depth, adding a more produced effect to the Performance. Use this one for ballads and soulful pop.

Greg’s Drawbars

Greg’s Drawbars is a drawbar organ sound using the VCM Rotary Speaker effect. The Slider Direction parameter is set to “Reverse”, so the control sliders work like organ drawbars.  Press [ASSIGN] to see common organ parameters like Percussion Decay, Percussion Volume, Leakage, Keyclick and the 9th Drawbar (Knob 8). Rotary speaker speed (Stop/Slow/Fast) is assigned to the Ribbon.

Greg’s Vibe

Greg’s Vibe contains everything needed to create a groovy backing track. This MONTAGE M Performance features a LoFi electric piano, hip hop drum kit, synth bass and synth lead. In the video above Greg creates a groove on the fly using this Performance.

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