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Signature Artist Sounds: Nicholas Semrad

Check out Nick’s MODX+ sounds.

Yamaha Artist Nicholas Semrad created these great sounds for MODX+. Check out the videos below and download his sounds from Soundmondo.

“Semrad Tricky Piano" is a piano sound that can add a beat-repeating delay and pitch jump for guitar-style hammer-ons using the Assignable Switches. Combined with the chorus effect of the Superknob, this sound gives you piano utility plus real time production options.

"Semrad Utility EP" is an excellent electric piano sound with many different tones. Assignable Switch 1 activates a chorus effect. Assignable Switch 2 introduces a distorted monophonic lead. In addition, the Superknob adds big, luscious reverb.

“Semrad Nerd Clav” is a Clav sound with options to adjust on the fly, like switching between monophonic and polyphonic, quick volume changes using the mod wheel and control of phaser and reverb with assignable switches.

"Semrad Fade" is a vibey old-school synth sound using a pitch envelope. The Assignable Switches bring in chorus and vinyl break effects and the Superknob controls expansive and luscious reverb.

"Semrad Builders Arp" is a highly tweakable arpeggio using the modulation wheel and Superknob to make changes on the fly and combine wet and dry signals.

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