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Signature Artist Sounds: Víctor Elías

Check out Víctor’s Sounds

You may have seen Spanish pianist and keyboardist Víctor Elías’ Artist Profile and Global Stage videos. Check out his Signature Artist Sounds videos.

In the first video Víctor discusses his approach to sound creation.

Check out each of his Signature Artist Sounds below.

"VICTOR LO-FI SOUND" is a split/layered Performance with AWM2 and FM-X Parts. An acoustic bass Part appears on the left split with several FM-X Part on the right. The lo-fi sound comes from the insertion effects and the Super Knob controls Part volume.

"RHD + SYNTH SOLO" is another split/layer combination featuring an electric piano/FM-X synth comp sound across the entire keyboard range and a synth lead split for right-hand soloing. The Super Knob controls synth lead volume.

"VICTOR PIANO" is an expressive piano pad Performance. Effects applied to the piano and string sounds give this performance dark, dry and lo-fi quality. The Super Knob controls several parameters simultaneously like EQ gains, insert effect parameters and Part volume.

Synth History: CP70M with Xantoné Blacq
Behind the Synth: Nicholas Semrad and Dan Rouse

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