Víctor Elías on MODX+

Meet Spanish keyboardist and music director Víctor Elías.
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Global Stage: Alessandro Scaglione

Alessandro plays three improvisations.
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Alessandro Scaglione on MODX+

Alessandro Scaglione on MODX+
Meet Italian keyboardist Alessandro Scaglione.
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Global Stage: Fleurie

Fleurie performs her original compositions.
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Fleurie on MODX+

Meet Fleurie and see how she uses MODX+.
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SynthBits: DX-1 With Film Composer Michael Whalen

Yamaha Artist Michael Whalen plays his mint DX-1!
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YC Series Artist Videos

Check out this great videos from our extraordinarily talented artists!
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Behind the Synth Replay: NAMM 2020

Check out the all the Behind the Synth Live Interviews from NAMM 2020.
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Tori Letzler: MONTAGE6 White | Artist Profile | The Synthesist

Tori Letzler and MONTAGE6 White.
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Avery*Sunshine: Yamaha MONTAGE8 White | Artist Profile | The Pianist

We caught up with Avery*Sunshine in her Atlanta studio for this quick tour of MONTAGE8 White.

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Avery*Sunshine: Yamaha Ginza Store and Innovation Road Live Performances

Check out Avery*Sunshine's live performances from the Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary Live Stream Event.
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Artist Profile: Jon McLaughlin and CP88

Yamaha Artist Jon McLaughlin shares his thoughts on the CP88 Stage Piano.
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Winter NAMM 2019 Video Roundup

All the great videos from Winter NAMM 2019!
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Joey Dosik Artist Profile

Check out this video featuring Yamaha Synthesizer artist Joey Dosik
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Synthbits Special Edition: Anomalie Live Performance

This week we have a bonus Synthbit from the amazing Anomalie!
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Winter NAMM 2019: Joey Dosik Interview and Performance

Over the next few weeks we will be reposting our livestreams from Winter NAMM 2019 right here on YamahaSynth! Check out the interview with Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Joey Dosik.
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Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Antoinio "Tone" Daniels "Christmas Love" Album Available Now!

Check out Antoinio "Tone" Daniels new Christmas record "Christmas Love"!
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Spotlight on DOMi: Yamaha Synthesizer Artist DOMi

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist DOMi is a remarkably talented keyboardist, pianist and producer from France.
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Spotlight on Nicholas Semrad: New "Ratio" Album

This week is "Spotlight on Nicholas Semrad" week! Check out his new album "Ratio" with expansions of Q.

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YamahaSynth Artist Greg Spero Presents “The Scorpion Project”

Covers of Drake’s album Scorpion from Tiny Room Studio - check it out!
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