Tech Talk Spotlight: CP Series Stage Pianos

Check out the Tech Talks on the piano-focused Yamaha CP Series.
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SynthBits: Nick Semrad Reharmonizes Traditional Hymn on CP88/73

His rendition of “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” is beautiful.
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Yamaha Sessions: Amy Wadge

Check out this artist profile and Yamaha Session from the incomparable Amy Wadge.
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SynthBits: Camelot Pro and CP73/88 with Simone Capitani

See what you can do with Camelot Pro and CP73/88!

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CP73/88 Stage Piano: Article Roundup

Looking for all the CP73/88 Stage Piano articles? They are here!
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Superbooth 19: Dom Sigalas, CP88 and DAW Integration

Superbooth 19: Dom Sigalas, CP88 and DAW Integration
You can do some cool things when you connect CP88 to Cubase. Dom Sigalas shows you how in this video from Superbooth 19!
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JAde Wii: CP88 Lo-Fi Keys on the SP-404

JAde Wii creates some Lo-Fi sounds with CP88 and SP-404.

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JAde Wii CP88 and Modular Jam Nº 1

JAde Wii creates a chill jam with CP88 and her modular.
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Superbooth 19: Blake Angelos and CP88

Check out Blake's video from Superbooth 19!

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Artist Profile: Jon McLaughlin and CP88

Yamaha Artist Jon McLaughlin shares his thoughts on the CP88 Stage Piano.
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5 Reasons to Use Soundmondo with Dom Sigalas

Dom Sigalas shows you why you should use Soundmondo if you own MONTAGE, MODX, CP or reface.
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Yamaha Sessions: Alfa Mist

Check out this remarkable video featuring Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Alfa Mist.
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Winter NAMM 2019 Video Roundup

All the great videos from Winter NAMM 2019!
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Joey Dosik Artist Profile

Check out this video featuring Yamaha Synthesizer artist Joey Dosik
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Winter NAMM 2019: Manuele Montesanti CP88 Performance

Check out this great live performance featuring Rome-based keyboardist and producer Manuele Montesanti.

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Winter NAMM 2019: Dom Sigalas and CP88/CP73 Automation with Cubase

Check out this exceptionally cool demonstration by Dom Sigalas with CP88 and Cubase!
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Synthbits: Nicholas Semrad and Lenny "The OX" Reece Instagram Jam with CP88

Check out this Instagram post from Nicholas Semrad and Lenny "The OX" Reece!
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Winter NAMM 2019: Interview Nicholas Semrad, Part I

Blake Angelos interviews Nicholas Semrad and shares his thoughts about the CP88 and CP73 Stage Pianos
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Winter NAMM 2019: CP88/CP73 Overview with Blake Angelos

Great sound, great feel, great design: Blake Angelos demostrates the new CP88 and CP73 Stage Pianos at NAMM 2019!
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CP73/88 Development Story

Check out this short video from three important members of the development team.
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