Mastering MODX: Super Knob Common

Understanding the Super Knob begins at the Super Knob Common level. Bad Mister begins his deep dive into Super Knob programming right here!
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Mastering MODX: Performance Basics 2 and the Live Set

More about Performances, the Live Set and how to access and organize your MODX content. 
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Mastering MODX: Performance Basics I

We are kicking off this "Snorkel Level" series (for all MODX users regardless of experience level) with Performance Basics and then we will tackle how to create and use your own Live Sets.
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Moessieurs Mondays: What's New in MONTAGE OS v2.5

What's New in MONTAGE OS v2.5

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Mastering MODX: Rhythm Pattern

Creative ways to use the Rhythm Pattern feature in MODX!

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Woody Piano Shack: Guitar, Bass and FM Pad Sounds in MODX

Check out this highlight video from Woody's MODX Livestream!
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Moessieurs Monday: MONTAGE/MODX Mic and Insertion Effects

In this installment from Moessieurs he shows how to connect a microphone to MONTAGE and route the signal through the insertion effects.
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Moessieurs Monday: The MODX Vocoder, Part II

The MODX Vocoder, Part II

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Woody Piano Shack Interview and Highlights from his MODX Livestream

Meet Woody from the YouTube Channel "Woody Piano Shack"!
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MODX First Impressions with Melbourne Artist and Producer Billy Davis

One of the best descriptions of the weight of MODX can be found in this video!
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Synthtopia: MODX Overview

The folks from Synthopia talk to Blake Angelos about MODX at the Launch Event.
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Woody Piano Shack: Legendary Electric Piano and Organ Sounds in MODX

Woody checks out the great electric piano and organ sounds in MODX.
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Moessieurs Monday: The MODX Vocoder

MODX has a powerful on-board vocoder just like the flagship MONTAGE Music Synthesizer.
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Sonicstate Interview with Blake Angelos @ the MODX Launch Event in NYC

Direct from the MODX Launch Event at Yamaha Artist Services NYC!
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Keyboard Magazine: MODX First Impressions

Check out Stephen Fortner's thoughts on meeting MODX for the first time!
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Synthbits: Manuele Montesanti and MODX

Check out Manuele Montesanti...x3!
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MODX Livestream with Woody!

Check out this epic livestream featuring Woody Piano Shack!

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Moessieurs Mondays: Updating MODX

As soon as MODX was announced, our crack team of engineers in Japan released an OS update available here.
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Spotlight on DOMi: The Pianist and MODX8

Check out this short video featuring DOMi playing MODX8 and sharing her thoughts about this incredible instrument.
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Spotlight on DOMi: MODX8 Livestream Performance

Check out DOMi playing the MODX8 live from Yamaha Artist Services NYC during the MODX Launch Event.
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