How to use MONTAGE and MODX in a DAW

London-based producer and composer Dom Sigalas shows you how to intergrate MONTAGE and MODX in Cubase.
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SynthBits: MONTAGE DAW Remote Setup in Logic Pro (SoundsAndGear)

This quick video shows you how to set up MONTAGE as a control surface in Logic Pro.
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SynthBits: Dub Cousteau with the RS7000

Check out this cool ambient groove featuring RS7000.

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Scott Brackett: The Workflow Video!

How does Scott Brackett use his Yamaha Synthesizers in his studio? Check out this great video on his workflow!

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Michael Tan

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Michael Tan, is a musical director and producer in demand across genres. 
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Kevin Randolph

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Kevin Randolph, is a multi-talented producer, arranger, musical director and piano player. 
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Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a Yamaha Synthesizer Artist who is a writer, producer and for the last ten years, keys player in Jamiroquai.

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