Yamaha Sessions: Amy Wadge

Check out this artist profile and Yamaha Session from the incomparable Amy Wadge.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Category Search and Favorites

These short tips will help you learn your MONTAGE or MODX.

Dom Sigalas Stranger Dreams Performance

Dom Sigalas's Performance is now in MONTAGE and MODX. Check out the video!

Mastering CP: Setting up a Sostenuto and Soft Pedal

Set up a Sostenuto and Soft pedal in the CP88/73 Stage Pianos. This short article shows you how. 

Behind the Synth: Dom Sigalas Chat

Blake and Dom chat about music, MONTAGE and more in this episode of Behind the Synth.

Yamaha Sessions: Gregers

Check out this Yamaha Session with Gregers.

Creating GREAT FMX Kick Drums in MONTAGE and MODX with Dom Sigalas

Dom shows you how to create customizable kick drums with FMX!

Behind the Synth: Igor Cavalera of Mixhell

Nate and Blake interview Yamaha drum artist Igor Cavalera about his electronic project Mixhell.

MODX | MONTAGE Minute: Creating Splits and Layers

Dom Sigalas shows you how to create splits and layers in two short videos.

Behind the Synth: Interview with Christian Halten and Nils Zweiling of SampleRobot

Nate and Blake chat with Christian Halten and Nils Zweiling of SampleRobot. 

Introducing CP OS v1.3 for CP73/88

CP OS v1.3 adds new sounds and new functions to Yamaha CP73/88 Stage Pianos.

How to use MONTAGE and MODX in a DAW

London-based producer and composer Dom Sigalas shows you how to intergrate MONTAGE and MODX in Cubase.

Behind the Synth: CS-30 Retrospective

Listen to Nate and Blake get their nerd on with the CS-30 synthesizer.

Sonicstate Innovation Road Tour

Nate and Nick Batt of Sonicstate on a deluxe tour of Innovation Road.

Winter NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule

Check out the NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule. 

Winter NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule

Check out the NAMM 2020 Live Stream Schedule. 

YC61 Stage Keyboard: Stefan Jernståhl Artist Profile

Stockholm-based keyboardist Stefan Jernståhl talks about the YC61 Stage Keyboard.

YC61 Stage Keyboard: Jonas Gröning Artist Profile

Swedish pianist, keyboardist and musical director Jonas Gröning and the YC61 Stage Keyboard.

Introducing the YC61 Stage Keyboard

The YC61 Stage Keyboard is all about great sound, a hip and functional design and an all new waterfall style action for an authentic touch.

YC61 Stage Keyboard: Live Set Sounds Video

Want to see and hear the YC61 played by a great keyboardist? Check out Jonas Gröning below!

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