YC SynthTips: External Control, Keys

Play Keys A/B from an external MIDI controller.

Blake's Take: Level Up Your Drums 2 - Active Listening

Activate your listening to level up your drums.

Tech Talk: Level Up Your Drums

Take your drum creation to the next level!

Introducing John Melas CP Tools

Organize and Edit CP Live Sets

Tech Talk: YC DAW Integration

Streamline your creativity with the YC Series USB audio/MIDI interface.

CP OS v1.41

A minor update.

John Melas MONTAGE/MODX Tools 2.1.0

Make editing your MONTAGE or MODX easier on a Windows or Mac computer.

Blake's Take: Level Up Your Drums 1 - Basic Concepts of Rhythm

Basic Concepts of Rhythm: Time Signatures, Subdivisions, Tempo and Time Feel.

Behind the Synth: Nahre Sol

Nahre Sol meets Nicholas Semrad for an eclectic musical journey.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Audio Beat Sync

Sync MONTAGE/MODX to external audio with Audio Beat Sync.

Behind the Synth: Katsunori Ujiie Chat

Blake and Nate chat with Synth Guru, Katsunori UJIIE

Tech Talk: FM-X Engine (MODX)

Want to enhance your sound?

AMS Presents Larry Goldings

YC Series Workshop with Larry Goldings.

Tech Talk Season 2: Dom Sigalas Takeover

A unique approach to easy FM programming!

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Pattern Chain

Create an arrangement from Pattern Scenes.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Connect

Improve your MONTAGE/MODX Workflow.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Event Delete

We all make mistakes, here’s how to start fresh.

Behind the Synth: Luke Smith

Behind the Synth with Nick Semrad and Luke Smith.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Envelope Follower

Modulate synth parameters with audio.

Behind the Synth: The Blake and Nate Show II

Creative YC Live Sets, playing Rhythm Changes and more.

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