SynthBits: YC Series Videos from Woody Piano Shack

Three great YC videos from Woody!

SynthBits: Watch Estuera Create a Song with a Single reface CS

Can you create an entire song with a single reface CS? Yes!

YC SynthTips: Control Rotary Speed with FC4A/FC5

Check out this YC Series SynthTip.

SynthBits: Michele Papadia YC61 Performance

Check out this smokin' trio led by Michele Papadia!

Expanding YC

But wait, there’s more stuff for your YC Series Stage Keyboard!

Welcome to YC

A quick start guide for your YC Series Stage Keyboard.

Believe in Music 2021: YC Series Tech Talks

All the videos from the NAMM Believe in Music Event.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Change Octave/Transpose Settings

Temporarily or permanently change the octave or transpose.

OS v1.1 for YC Series Stage Keyboards

The latest version of the YC OS has some new Voices and Live Set Sounds.

Believe in Music 2021: Tech Talk Schedule

Check out the Tech Talks for Believe in Music 2021.

Mastering YC: Connect YC Series to Computer/iOS

Here’s a quick start guide for connecting your YC Stage Keyboard to your computer or iOS device.

YC Series: Audio Demos

Great musical demos of the YC Series!

Introducing YC Series: Artist Videos

Check out this great videos from our extraordinarily talented artists!

Introducing YC73 and YC88: Blake's Take

Versatile Stage Keyboards for Organists, Keyboardists and Pianists.

Tech Talk Spotlight: CP Series Stage Pianos

Check out the Tech Talks on the piano-focused Yamaha CP Series.

Tech Talk Spotlight: MONTAGE OS v3.5

Check out ALL the videos from our live stream event!

Tech Talk Spotlight: Service Apps

Soundmondo, SampleRobot and Camelot are the focus of this Tech Talk Spotlight.

Tech Talk Spotlight: MONTAGE/MODX Effects

A series of Tech Talks focused on the onboard effects in MONTAGE and MODX. 

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Quick Part Edit Using the Knobs

Quick edit a Performance with the Tone Control knobs.

SynthBits: Manuele Montesanti Drift-Lab "Moonlight" Release

Check out this great video and livestream from Manuele Montesanti!

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