Tech Talk: Creative YC Live Sets

Create cool sound combinations with YC Series.

Behind The Synth: Matt Johnson

Nick Semrad interviews Jamiroquai's Matt Johnson.

Behind The Synth: Matthew Jordan Chat

Learn more about Yamaha artist Matthew Jordan

Behind the Synth: Blake and Nate Show I

The Behind the Synth Hosts chat about cool stuff!

YC SynthTips: Deactivate Sustain Pedal

On the organ section and beyond!

YC SynthTips: How to Create A Backup File

All your Live Set Sounds in a single file.

Tech Talk: Livestreaming with MONTAGE/YC

Level up your livestreaming audio.

Yamaha/Steinberg USB v3.0.5 for Mac

This version supports Mac OS 11 “Big Sur” and Apple Silicon.

Connecting MONTAGE

Here’s a quick start guide for your new MONTAGE!

YC SynthTips: How Route Effects Individually

Routing effects is easy with the YC Series one-to-one interface.

YC SynthTips: Setup a Default Live Set Sound

Get your go-to sound when YC powers on.

Announcing Tech Talk Season 2

More Tech Talk coming Tuesday, May 4!

SynthBits: YC Series iOS Integration

It’s easy to connect the YC Series to an iOS device.

YC SynthTips: Customize Leak Level

Add some vintage character to your organ sound.

YC SynthTips: Customize Drawbar Behavior

Learn how to change drawbar response.

Connecting YC

Here’s a quick start guide for connecting your new YC Stage Keyboard to your computer or iOS device.

YC SynthTips: Create Split/Layer Combos

Create a split AND layer in seconds!

Behind the Synth: Neil Tankersley Chat

Get to know artist Neil Tankersley.

Nick Semrad Artist Notes: “How should I practice”?

An answer to the question that’s rarely asked.

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