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MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: How to Automate the Super Knob with a Motion Sequence

This week's MONTAGE/MODX SynthTip explores Super Knob Auto.

YamahaSynth Resources

Websites, Apps and Social Media destinations for owners of Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Keyboards.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE FM Basics

The basics of FM Synthesis was the topic for May 26 Tech Talk Live

SynthBits: Easy FM Programming Part 4: How to Make a Triple Oscillator Sound

In Part 4 of the Easy FM Programming learn how to create cool detuned synth sound. 

Behind the Synth: Manny Fernandez and the DX7II

Manny recalls his sound design work on the DX7II in this week's Behind the Synth.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE Quantize and Play FX

Part three of our MONTAGE/MODX Pattern Sequencer Tech Talk series got deeper into quantizing and Play FX.

SynthBits: Easy FM Programming Part 3: How to Make a Great Bass Sound

It's all about the bass in Part 3 of Easy FM!

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Loop Recording with the Pattern Sequencer

This SynthTip shows you how to do quick loop recording with the Pattern Sequencer. 

Tech Talk: MONTAGE Pattern Edit Jobs

Tech Talk Live on May 12 showed Pattern Sequencer Edit/Jobs.

Live Sessions: Dom Sigalas NAMM 2020

Check out Dom's Live Session from NAMM 2020.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: How to Unlink an Assignable Knob from the Super Knob

This tip allows you more control options with Assignable Knobs.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE Pattern Sequencer Basics

MONTAGE and MODX Pattern Sequencer Basics replay from May 5!

Tech Talk Replay: MONTAGE Song Recording

Check out the replay from our April 28 episode of Tech Talk Live.

Live Sessions: Jonas Gröning Live Performance NAMM 2020

Jonas Gröning plays the YC61 during NAMM 2020.

Tech Talk Replay: MONTAGE Category Search

Check out the replay from our April 21 episode of Tech Talk Live.

Mastering CP: New Features and Sounds with Luke Juby

Cool pads, cool new ways to control your CP73/88 sound.

Tech Talk Replay: MONTAGE User and Library Files

Check out the MONTAGE Tech Talk Live: Managing Libraries replay from April 14.

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