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macOS Ventura is now available (Don't Upgrade)

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... just a friendly PSA:

I don't have a specific reason to discourage updating your macOS now that there's a new version out. That said, when a new OS is available there tends to be some "settling time" before apps are updated to be compatible with the new OS. In the past it took "a while" to support the latest OS. Therefore, I wouldn't advise jumping onto the new OS until you can confirm that the apps and drivers you use are compatible.

Ways to find out:

1. Create a VM (virtual machine) and install the new OS in it. Operating systems can be freely downloaded to compatible Apple macOS products without installing the OS. I've done this myself with Monterey (months after release and after Yamaha/Steinberg released drivers specifically for Monterey support) and confirmed previously that Montage Connect connected fine which gave some solace that should I update to Monterey that Montage would be supported. Doing this same test days/weeks after Monterey was released would have shown incompatibilities.


2. Find out other brave souls who didn't wait and updated. Careful though - it may be important to know if their results match your processor type as there may be differences between Intel based machines and Apple silicon. At least this mattered in the past (it may not be as big of a factor now that Apple silicon native support has been implemented in past drivers).

I checked and this is what is currently said:

macOS 13 (Ventura) will be released on Oct 24, 2022 and you can find an overview of the compatibility status for our software and hardware products here. Until compatibility tests have been completed, macOS Ventura is not supported officially and we recommend to wait with the OS upgrade.

If you open this page ( ) you can track the latest on compatibility testing. There's no specific line item for the Yamaha Steinberg USB drivers used by various keyboards. However, I see the audio interfaces as a sort of indicator of advertised compatibility. So far, testing is still pending for these. On the application side, only Dorico has been tested as compatible with Ventura. Based on this alone, I would hold off on updating myself because Cubase has not been qualified yet.

Furthermore, if you look at the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver itself on (currently v3.1.3) - the notes say "MacOS 11 or later" and other notes show specific support for MacOS 11 and macOS 12. In this area of the compatibility list, lack of explicit "macOS 13" gives me some pause even though further down "MacOS 11 or later" is mentioned.

Posted : 25/10/2022 1:24 pm
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At this point, iOS and MacOS should come with "stay 2 versions behind" suggestions.

And Android should just not be a thing.

Posted : 25/10/2022 3:02 pm

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