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How long has the FM Converter been down?

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Anyone know when it was last working? just shows Oct 2022 it was working and then the next snapshot was yesterday (where it was down). I'm asking because I won't blow up Yamaha's inbox if it's only been for a short time.

I haven't used it in ages but have some cartridges I wanted to convert today.

Posted : 16/03/2023 10:17 pm
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Jason, I know the feeling...

You spend years helping everybody out, and the moment you need help... the tumbleweed blows down the road, with only the wind to break the silence.

Sorry, can't help you dude! I wish I could.

Posted : 17/03/2023 10:54 am
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I've got patience (give it more time).

I have no expectations (original ask was a message in the bottle).

Maybe someone's been checking out FM converter and knows. Maybe Yamaha will chime in. Maybe not. No big deal - next Thurs I follow up through a different channel if it's still down.

And, as always, some of this is to inform. Now you know ... It's down.

Posted : 17/03/2023 9:21 pm
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Still down - I sent a message.

Wishful thinking ...

On the rumor mill side of things - I wonder if Montage/MODX is getting a firmware update that adds missing DX7 features like glissando, etc. Or maybe, and arguably more far fetched, the YC with an FM Engine is getting an update to read in some file for custom FM sounds. And even more far fetched - adding formants and unvoiced operators for full FS1R compatibility.

It's all speculation.

Maybe it's just routine and an open source component had an update that required some rewrite to stay current or some such "boring" reason (browser compatibility, etc).

Posted : 22/03/2023 7:44 pm

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