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SoundMondo Errors Won't Create New Accounts

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Trying to create an account to use SoundMondo with my synth and it keeps throwing an error. I have a working yamahasynth account. I tried using my Mac, my PC and my iPad pro so it's not on my end. I've tried using two different email accounts. I just is broken. Is anyone fixing these problems? Looks like a fun community of synth users.

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  • Posted : 14/08/2023 12:13 pm
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    The attachment didn't work.

    I find inline images are easier to deal with than attachments.

    1) Upload image to
    2) When you get to the "Upload Complete" screen under "Embed Codes" is a link like "". Copy this link or click on the "copy" button to copy to your clipboard.
    3) Paste the copied link into your browser to navigate to this link
    4) When the link loads, right click on the image and choose "Copy Image Address" (or your browser's equivalent).
    5) In a message here paste the image address copied in step 4 and surround the link with

    I haven't had any issues with this for years although there are maybe a few extra steps.

    Posted : 14/08/2023 1:14 pm

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