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I wondered if anyone else has had any issues with the Auto Shut Off??
I have it enabled and it refuses to shut down after doing do after 30 min or an hour even. One night, I even let it sit over night with the power on an it refused to shut off.
Just wondered if there was a bug with the latest firmware as I never had an issue with it before updating.
Thanks in advance.

Posted : 04/11/2019 2:49 pm
Bad Mister
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I have not tested this post the update, but ... in general, the way the Auto Power Off features works is when there is no yet unStored data sitting in the Edit Buffer.

In other words, if you turned the unit On and edited a program, you have data in your edit buffer, not yet *stored* to a Live Set. The unit will remain powered On. If you turn the unit On, move through sounds but you do not make any changes to the current settings, then if Auto Power Off is “enabled”, the unit will dutifully power itself Off.

It tries not to force you to lose data that you haven’t stored yet. Once you *Store* the current data in the Edit Buffer, the unit will power down after the 30 minutes. Or if you made no edits to the currently recalled program, the unit will power down automatically.

From the manual (page 21):
“Depending on the instrument status, the power may not turn off automatically, even after the specified period of time elapses. Always turn off the power manually when the instrument is not in use.”

Posted : 04/11/2019 4:02 pm

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