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Easy Foot Control Assignment

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On pressing Foot Control down, the assigned parameter raises clockwise from Limit Low to Limit High. This does not feel intuitive if you want to weaken or soften an effect or if you use Half Pedal for controlling many Parameters on Stage.
I really appreciate an 'Invers' Option for that, may be you simply admit that Limit Low can have higher values than Limit High. In this case on pressing Foot Control down, I expect the controlled parameter is moved counterclockwise from Limit Low to Limit High...

Assigning a Parameter requires Limit Low and Limit High to be set accurately in most cases. While assigning the parameter is well done by moving the knob you want to control, you have to enter the menu twice again to specify numerical values for Limit Low and Limit High.
I really appreciate Assignment, Limit High, Limit Low can be set together in one step simply by moving the knob from start to end value: When moving of a knob or switch is detected, the initial value of this control should be stored to Limit Low. If you enter to save the setting, the current value of the knob or switch should be stored to Limit high.

Let me dream: Why not storing two assignments at the same time? If you move two knobs at the same time, piano could recognize it and store two parameter sets like described above. With that you can morph sounds using one FC pedal, or you can finetune effects for example by adjusting intensity of a drive with slightly recreasing volume of the sound. This boosts the control assignment to the same level the rest of the instrument already has.

Posted : 05/04/2020 8:21 pm

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