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Midi Control on CP88

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I have a CP88 and a Montage 6 that I stack on top. I'd like to run midi using the CP88 as the master and layer sounds like organ and pads from the Montage. I was trying it this week and works fine but wondering if there is a control switch on the CP88 that can turn off the volume from the Montage when layers are not needed. I could use the volume control on the Montage but was wondering if there is another control button. For example, the "red piano" has a switch on it called "external" that will turn a midi keyboard on and off.

Thank you.

Posted : 17/12/2021 2:47 pm
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Well the "red piano" doesn't have that switch but the red "stage" does. Nevertheless, the CP88 doesn't have that, But you can create two adjacent Live Sets that are identical except for having the external MIDI zoning on or off. Or you could put a "MIDI kill switch" between the CP88 and the Montage...

Posted : 21/12/2021 2:38 am

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