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Connecting Cubase with my S80.

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I want my S80 to tell Cubase what instrument to use. So if i set an instrument in my synthesizer, Cubase automaticaly has to update it's instrument in the current track. So what i mean is that i want to control Cubase with my S80. Can anyone help me?

kind regards, Dennis

Posted : 30/08/2015 2:21 pm
Bad Mister
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Hi Dennis!
Welcome to Yamaha Synth! We moved your post from the reface Forum, here to the Legacy Yamaha Synth Forum, as this is more appropriate for your 1999 S80. Unfortunately, the S80 pre-dates Yamaha purchase of Steinberg by a good five-six years, and it pre-dates Yamaha developing a VST Editor (which makes it really easy to select your synth sounds for use in Cubase).

What you can do is install the Device List... This will at least let you select S80 Voices by name, per MIDI track:
Go to DEVICES > MIDI Device Manager
Click "Install Device"
Find Yamaha S80" on the list
Set the "Yamaha S80-1" (port 1) as the OUTPUT

This will allow you to select Voices on each MIDI Track assigned to the S80

Hope that helps.

Posted : 30/08/2015 10:01 pm

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