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Motif ES: Exporting audio and MIDI tracks from SONGS and PATTERNS to DAW Project.

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With my Motif ES, I have a Steinburg UR22 audio interface and a laptop running Reaper DAW. I do NOT have the mLan in my ES. I have easily exported stereo audio (master mix) through my AI to my DAW. I believe I just used the 1/4 stereo output jacks into my AI which then used USB to record into my DAW in my laptop. Now I would like to export track by track parts from SONGS and PATTERNS (multi-timbre) to create a new DAW project choosing either audio or MIDI tracks to then do further mixing and recording in DAW project. Is this possible? Is it all just a question of setting up proper ports / routing for audio? I am wondering if exporting MIDI data tracks would be different - exported through either MIDI cables or USB? My hope would be to simply playback the tracks from the ES Sequencer one by one to record each into a DAW project.

Posted : 08/09/2022 5:29 pm
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For MIDI - this is a way ...

Owner's manual starting at page 132:

Saving a Song or a Pattern Section as a
Standard MIDI File
After inserting a SmartMedia into the CARD slot or
connecting the USB storage device to the instrument,
follow the instructions below.

1 Press the [FILE] button to enter the File mode,
then execute the basic settings.
Refer to “Basic settings for using SmartMedia or a
USB storage device” on page 30.

2 Press the [F2] SAVE button to call up the Save

3 Set the TYPE parameter to “SMF” then select a
Song/Pattern to be saved.

4 Input a file name.
Move the cursor to the file name input location, then
input a file name. For detailed instructions on
naming, refer to page 53 in the Basic Operation

5 Press the [ENTER] button to execute the Save
If you are about to overwrite an existing file, the
display prompts you for confirmation. Press the [INC/
YES] button to execute the Save operation to
overwrite an existing file, or press the [DEC/NO]
button to cancel it. After the data has been saved, a
“Completed” message appears and operation
returns to the original display.

NOTE: When loading a SMF (Standard MIDI File), set the file type to
“Song” or “Pattern.”

NOTE: Only the sequence track (1 - 16) and tempo track data of a
Song/Pattern created in the Song/Pattern mode can be saved
to a SmartMedia/USB storage device as Standard MIDI File
(format 0) data. The Mixing settings will not be saved to a
Standard MIDI File. If you wish to save the entire Song/Pattern
including the Mixing settings, set the file type to “All” or
“AllSong.” or “AllPattern.”

Posted : 08/09/2022 8:05 pm
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Let's focus on recording audio from my ES to my DAW which the majority of what I want. Let's say I have a SONG with 12 tracks. Do I just solo each one after the other until all 12 tracks are recorded into 12 tracks in my DAW project?

The only MIDI I will want to put into my DAW would then be the lead / melody instrument track which I will assign and voice to a Vocal VST effect.

Posted : 08/09/2022 10:32 pm
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Thank you. I read these articles, but they were more involved with MIDI routing configurations. As I said, I just need to get up to my 16 tracks recorded in MOTIF ES Patterns and Songs into my DAW. I will just try recording track them into my DAW one by one as audio by simply soloing each track. For my lead melody, MIDI notes, I will just try to create and save a SMF and try to then import it in my DAW. Not sure how to limit the SMF to only the recorded MIDI notes on a single track. Don't know what to expect when I try to import such a SMF to a MIDI track in my DAW. Will I see MIDI data recorded on all 16 tracks from my ES sequencer?

Posted : 09/09/2022 9:24 pm
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The link makes it clear you can only record two channels (left and right) of audio from the ES when you connect the audio output to an audio interface. The audio interface these days would likely have some form of a USB interface.

At any rate, the details and modes to set tell you how you can arrive at a recording situation where, in your DAW (Cubase in the link), can be used to select a single MIDI channel at a time so you can record each track of the MIDI file one track (channel) at a time.

That's the basic rundown with what you have to do.

Posted : 10/09/2022 2:06 am

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