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Creating more space for patterns/performances recorded into MODX

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Hi there,

I have a MODX and seem to have maxed out the patterns/performances recorded directly into the MODX (all 128 have been used up). Is it possible to "save" these to an external USB and create a new bank of 128 patterns available for recording performances into? I have gone into "Settings" in the MODX but do not know what to do now. I currently have a USB stick plugged into the MODX which contains 3 library sound sets. So, how to / is it possible to save all the current recorded patterns / performances to the USB stick and then initialise or free up the pattern bank for new recordings? thanks in advance

Posted : 27/02/2022 6:02 pm
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Hi thanks for the post. Yes, Performances have been recorded direct into Patterns and this now appears to be maxxed out. So, how to shift / store / save them onto a USB stick then create a new bank so new performances can be recorded into a new bank direct onto the MODX?

To date the recording has been done via Pattern mode. Is there an additional free bank for 128 songs to be recorded? If so, how do you get the MODX to record direct into song mode from a Performance? It seems to default to Pattern mode. Thanks,

Posted : 27/02/2022 7:15 pm
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Hi thanks for the post. Yes, Performances have been recorded direct into Patterns and this now appears to be maxxed out. So, how to shift / store / save them onto a USB stick then create a new bank so new performances can be recorded into a new bank direct onto the MODX?

You are getting confused about Performances and Patterns. Maybe this will help, and then you can determine the best way for you to proceed.

Performance is like the Band. These are the musical instruments (the sounds) that play the music. The Synth
Patterns is like a recording of the Band. The Sequencer

One band could be used to do hundreds of Patterns. Everyone will use these features as fit their needs but understand - say I'm a big, big fan of The Police... and have a Pattern Sequence for many of their compositions... My Performance would consist a Drum Kit, an Electric Bass, and an Electric Guitar... I would name that Performance "The Police"

I might have 75 Police tunes sequenced as Patterns. Each of those Pattern 001-075 would be linked to my one Performance, called "The Police".

Point I'm making... you are creating a new Performance for each Pattern... Ok fine... That's one way to work, but please understand that you DO NOT HAVE TO ... Understand that a Performance is a separate (Completely separate) entity from the musical composition. One band can play hundreds of tunes. You do not have to have a separate Performance for each. But if you do prefer to work that way, fine, no one is even suggesting that you change... but realize the system allows for your way of working, as well.

But once you understand that they are completely separate, the Pattern and the Performance, you can begin to appreciate that the Performances are stored in your USER (Performance) Bank... while you're Patterns can be stored either to a USB stick or to internal memory.

As you are creating each of you 128 Performance - a box appears on your screen that says "Save as .MID File". If you do not... you can manually do so by going to the OVERVIEW screen... here's how

From you Pattern screen touch "Edit/Job" > "Overview" - this will show you your recorded activity: Scenes, Tracks, etc... you can Save each SCENE as a .mid File to a USB stick.
We'll assume you have not been doing that... so there is also a feature of your MODX that anything you record to the Performance sequencer (MIDI Song or Pattern) it will automatically be written into a special ROM bank designed specifically to store your data in .MID format.

Everything that you LOAD or anything you create in the Sequencer is automatically placed in the ROM area - you can view your PATTERNs, for example,
Press [UTILITY] > "Contents" > "Data Utility" > Find the Folder labeled "PATTERN" > tap it to reveal all your PATTERNS.
So even if you forgot to Save them when you were making them - they are held for you in the PATTERN Folder

The MODX has the ability to create a link between the Pattern Sequence and the Performance that you used. You will see a box on the Pattern Screen that allows to create this 'link' (Chain links are the icon)... Tap the box "Store Pattern and Perf Settings"
Once you have created this link you can use the Pattern to recall the Performance
Once you have created this link you can go to LOAD set the CONTENT TYPE = "Pattern&Perf" to load the linked data. It will find the Performance in your User Bank and the Pattern data from the Data Utility folder and bring them together.

Other methods of Storing your Pattern Data
You can open the MODX CONNECT software on your computer
Set it up to communicate with your MODX via USB
When it comes ONLINE you can drag and drop your PATTERNs (SCENE by SCENE) to your computer - where you can place them in FOLDERS for each composition

MODX CONNECT works in Cubase or any VST3/AU compatible DAW software, or it can be run as a standalone application - just drag your data to a folder on your Desktop.

Link -- Using MODX CONNECT to Import PATTERNS

Posted : 27/02/2022 8:26 pm

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