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Cubase 12 windows 10 MODX quick project setup

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Hi there, so MODX is plugged into windows 10 computer via USB. Now have / using cubase 12. Which new project template can I choose that will automatically configure this so each track / channel from the MODX records into its own track / channel in cubase? Can you provide step by steps how to set this up? The goal: recording performances that are now songs and patterns (resident in the MODX) into cubase 12. Ideally so each track or channel (in the MODX) has its own track / channel in cubase for editing etc. Also, is it possible to record midi note data, so these can be edited, etc, within cubase, so recorded vrom the MODX to cubase. Are there super quick n easy setup instructions or ideally a template that can be used?

Pls advise,

Cheers, T

Posted : 10/04/2022 2:09 pm
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