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Drum / Perc kit for tuned kick drums

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HI, can you recommend a Perc kit where the kick drum is tuned with each key. When in a performance and dial in a Drum / Perc, activate the Arp, so the Kick (ie 4 to the 4) plays in tandem with the perf, the kick drum is most often fixed. Can you recommend a kit where the kick drum tone alters pending on the key played? Thanks!

Posted : 03/04/2021 4:03 pm
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There isn't a chromatic percussion Performance for the bass drum. You'll have to create one And I'm guessing it would be made up of a bass drum and 12 repeating pitches. So playing the same note shifted by any octave will sound the same bass drum - but changing to any other chromatic note will play a different pitch - up to 12 different notes total.

To cover the possible range - I'd do this with a standard AWM2 Part. Although if you can live with the "limited" range of a Drum Part - you could use that.

Posted : 03/04/2021 5:33 pm
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Thanks for the post. WIll try that some day. Are there any how-to's out there you could point to? tutorial / vid link? cheers

Posted : 03/04/2021 8:43 pm

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