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Hello! Can I to save pattern or MIDI song in the Library (X8L) ?
I not see it into software like curves, arpeggio, performance etc.

Pattern is temporary? 😮

Posted : 13/07/2023 11:37 am
Bad Mister
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MIDI Songs and Pattern Scenes that you create with the MONTAGE/MODX/MODX+ Performance Recorder are automatically saved to a special (permanent*) internal storage area (separate from the User, Library, or Preset Performance used to create it). The Performance Recorder data is saved in Standard MIDI File format (.mid).

*permanent here means it does not get overwritten when you load a different User File (or Library File). The sequenced MIDI Songs/Patterns remain in memory after power cycles, they remain in memory through all file Load Types, except “BACKUP FILE”.

Press [UTILITY] > “Contents” > “Data Utility” > in this area you will see a SONG Folder and PATTERN Folder. Each can contain 128 titles. These folders begin to fill as soon as you start work recording. The sequencer data is not STORED with the Performance, it is stored as a .mid file to a dedicated Folder. Each MIDI Song is numbered 1-128; Each of the 128 Patterns can have as many as 8 .mid Files, one for each of its Scenes.

Summary: The sequencer data is NOT stored or saved with the USER File data (the User File will store a ‘link’ to the Data Utility Folder entry, however). But they are stored separately. This way your Songs and Patterns will always be accessible no matter which User File you have loaded in, currently.

Example: You might have three or four separate User Files, when loaded they each will automatically find the correct Song and/or Pattern data that makes them whole! It is the ‘link’ that tells it where to look.

The Songs/Patterns are not part of the ‘User File’, and since it is the ‘User File’ that is “saved as…” a Library File, therefore, it follows that neither MIDI Songs, nor the Pattern Scenes, are included in a Library File.

If you need to move both your synth data (Performances) and your sequenced musical composition data (.mid) from one MODX to another you would either load them in two separate operations or use a BACKUP FILE (which is the only file type that includes both types of data).

Extra Credit:
That said, there is a method to install your .mid file data into an Audition Phrase. The Audition Phrases can be assigned and stored with the Performance, the Performance is included in the User File, and that means, the music will be available in a Library File made from that User Bank.

Disclaimer: Pressing the [AUDITION] button to trigger the start of playback comes with some limitations (like what screens you can move to during playback, etc.) This is clearly a workaround - (I would use it when I used travel around demonstrating MONTAGE: When in a store I could load in just my User File and have all the custom music I needed (without having to backup the store’s unit, then load my backup file, and finally having to restore the store’s version when I was ready to leave). Trust me, it saved me lots of time.

Other workarounds
Keep separate copies of your Song folder data, and each Pattern Scene… save them to a USB stick. Naming and labeling of these copies is worth your time putting effort into… here’s why:
_ in any emergency, you have all the MIDI event data from the sequencer.
_ if you need to restore a Song or the Pattern data at a later time, you do so: you can direct .mid data to either a Song or Pattern Scene… it will remain in the appropriate folder until you manually DELETE it or completely Initialize your instrument.

Posted : 13/07/2023 12:31 pm
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Part Select [mute/solo] panel open top or bottom rundomly on screen 🙂
This is not problem but why? Is it has a settings?

Some words: I load midi file to MIDI and play it alone...
Nothing need above! I have fun!
Don't need arps. Forget PSR Styles. Left hand now free for play chords right hand play melody
All of the need to prepare good midi file. I love my MODX+

PSR creates an illusion like chords control band but playing with band left hand played chords it the same good feel

Although I would not refuse the style player)

Posted : 13/07/2023 9:26 pm
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The on screen buttons for mute/solo were provided to MODX because MODX lacks the physical buttons that Montage has. Montage doesn't show these on screen buttons.

Likely the reason why the buttons change position is to avoid areas of the screen in use depending on which menu you have selected.

They could have totally redesigned the MODX user interface, but then that would make documentation more fragmented and more difficult to transition between Montage and MODX.

That's my guess .

Posted : 14/07/2023 4:56 pm
Bad Mister
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Part Select [mute/solo] panel open top or bottom rundomly on screen 🙂
This is not problem but why? Is it has a settings?

If your cursor (highlight) is at or near the upper portion of the screen when you press [PART SELECT_MUTE/SOLO], the overlay will appear at the bottom.
If your cursor (highlight) is located at or near the lower portion of the screen when you press the button, the overlay will appear across the top.

It’s dynamic. If you use the cursor arrows to navigate down or up in the screen the overlay will relocate so you can see what you highlight.

Posted : 14/07/2023 5:17 pm
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Is it important to record UserArp in C-dur???
It seems like that! All my bugs here.
Am chord


Posted : 17/07/2023 10:23 pm

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