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How to save pattern??

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Hello everyone, thanks to you I managed to get several interesting things with the modx, which with user manual only I would never have been able to do. Now .. I would like to know how to memorize my pattern.
What I do is:
- I create a new performance
- save it with a specific name
- I press REC and start to set each instrument by part
- I start recording one part at a time
- finished the work I save the pattern with the same name of the performance saved before
But in this phase, I notice that the symbol of the chain between the perf name and that of the pattern is "unhooked", not linked.
In fact, when I turn off the modx and turn it on again, load previous saved performance, everything is gone.
How can I go about storing my patterns? A step-by-step workflow would be very useful ...

Posted : 31/03/2020 6:01 pm
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Thanks for the question.

Your Pattern data is automatically stored to the dedicated internal Pattern Folder.
If you want to create a separate file you can export each Scene as a .mid file to a USB stick.
We’ll describe how below:

Tip: When you are going to record one Track at a time, you may want to add one more step to your setup

Touch “FX” at the top center of the screen and activate “KBD CTRL LOCK” this will prevent KBD CTRL from linking every Part you add “+” to your Performance. The Lock means only the one Part that you select will be active at a time.

Create the Pattern and Perf Link
Also when you see the broken chain icon (grey and unlinked), that means your Performance and your Pattern are not *linked*. To create the *link*, tap the box that says “Store Pattern and Perf Settings” — it appears below the Performance name on the Pattern screen. The link icon will turn blue and interlock signifying that whenever you recall this Pattern number, it will automatically recall the Performance that you used to create it. (Important).

If you did not create this link and you powered down... the Pattern that you recorded is still in your instrument. Any Pattern that you create is placed in your instrument’s Pattern Folder.

Press [UTILITY] > touch “Contents” > “Data Utility” > the folder labeled Pattern will have your data. It will remain there until you either DELETE it or you “Initialize All Data”.

If you named the Pattern (highly recommended) you’ll see it in the folder.
If you did not name it you can Rename it from this folder, by tapping its numbered box and touching “Rename”

While on the UTILITY “Contents” screen you can tap “Load” in the second column, set the “Content Type” = Pattern
And Load the data from the Folder.

Save a Copy of your data to USB stick
To save a copy of you Pattern data separately:
Touch the “Edit/Job” box
Touch “Overview” > tap the box “Save As .mid File”
Each of the eight possible Scenes (which can be from 1-256 Measures) should be saved as a separate File.

Extra Credit:
It is the Song or Pattern that goes and gets the Performance.
The Sequence data is the musical composition.
The Performance is the band.

A band can play many compositions.
Say you create a Beatles Performance... that’s four Parts: Drums, Piano, Guitar, and Bass.
You name “The Beatles”
You can create 128 Songs and 128 Patterns that reference that one Performance.

I state it this way to make the point, it is the Sequence that goes and gets the Performance.
So when looking to play a certain composition, you want to go to the Sequencer... Recall the Song title or the Pattern title and the MODX will go and get the band (Performance)... provided you create the blue link!!!

Meanwhile a single Performance could be used for many songs and patterns. If you do solo piano work, you might use the same piano for two dozen songs. Calling up the piano does not call up a musical composition. However, if you think the other way round, you’ll be successful. Call up the title of composition, it stores what instrument you used!

When you want to put a Song or Pattern in a Live Set, make sure you do so from the Song or Pattern screen, and not from the Performance Home screen. Remember the Sequence will go and get the right instruments!

Hope that helps, thanks for the question.

Posted : 31/03/2020 7:42 pm
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Posted : 05/05/2020 3:30 pm

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