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One octave of keys not working on MODX7+

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Please help! I suddenly have an octave of keys that do not work at all. Regardless of performance or scene. The same octave is silent. What to do?

Posted : 15/11/2023 11:47 pm
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If CN1 on the upper key PCB is coming up (pins 1-2) then this could wipe out approximately an octave.

Pin 1 = C#3 - F#3
Pin 2 = G3 - C4
(an "octave" ).

If this doesn't match the notes that are out - relay what those notes are and I can match up against some probable causes better.

The best thing would be to start a service event if there are keys that never work under any conditions.

Posted : 16/11/2023 1:03 am
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Yes, the keys that you identified as pin 1 and two are the ones affected. By "coming up," do you mean the connector coming loose from the pin?
Also, how do I start a service event?

Posted : 16/11/2023 1:35 pm
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I don't really know what's happening - but if those two pins are not connected then the listed keys won't be recognized. Could be the connector not fully seated at either end. Could be a problem with the cable. Could be connector oxidation. Less likely but could also be some problem on the PCB.

You would start here:

Depending on a combination of your geo and purchase date - you may qualify for warranty repair.

Policies for the USA geo: (find your own geo if not in the USA).

Posted : 16/11/2023 2:14 pm

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