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Reorganize liveset pages

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Is there a way to renumber, or reorder live set pages? My live set has changed and I want to put the new ones first l

Posted : 20/06/2021 11:15 am
Bad Mister
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Before you conclude that you cannot (or some tells you you cannot) please be aware that there are some 2048 Live Set slots total.

Rather than think of them as one long list, please understand they are best thought about as 8 Banks of User Live Sets.
Each Bank contains a list of 256 slots.

A User Live Set is divided into 16 Pages, each Page has 16 slots.
When you activate a LIVE SET (by selecting it) you can increment through 256 programmed slots.
A Foot Switch can be assigned to “Live Set +” or “Live Set -“
The maximum number of Live Sets you can step to by Foot Switch is 256.
The 256 slots of the active Live Sets can be recalled by a special MSB/LSB and PC

Depending on how you use the Live Sets, you can either redo the one you’re using or you can create an entirely new User Bank.

In working with many (many, many) MONTAGE/MODX owner’s it is clear that many are unaware of just how the Live Set is organized. Nor are they aware of how massive it is).
The User Bank, 1-8, is selected on the left side — the Pages 1-16 of the current Bank are selected on the right side.

Reorganize Current Live Set Bank
You can simply overwrite a Live Set slot
You can use the “Swap” function to exchange any two program slots.
What you cannot do is *insert* a program...

When you recall a Performance HOME screen, you place it in a Live Set by holding [SHIFT] + [LIVE SET]
The white cursor highlight will appear on the most recently accessed Live Set screen
You can move it to any spot you wish to place it (using the cursor arrows)
Tap the location you wish to place it... you can select an empty slot or simply over right an existing one.

Select an unused User Bank or move to a blank Page
There is no need to overwrite your original (given all the slots), you can just move to an empty Page and begin a new listing.
Because you can instruct your MONTAGE/MODX to boot up on a specific Live Set Bank/Page/Slot, and because you can customize the User Bank Name and the Page Name, you can keep several different set lists in your instrument.

If you are one of this folks that feels 256 Live Set slots (per list) is not enough for your gigging needs - we can highly recommend a third party application (like Camelot Pro) to create and manage your recalls.

But if you are like the majority of gigging musicians — who use a Performance or two per composition, the layout of the Live Set area will serve you well.

Posted : 20/06/2021 12:33 pm
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Bad Mister, you're the best. Thank you for the detailed answer.

Posted : 04/07/2021 10:49 am

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