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Sidechain Ducking Effect Synced to DAW Clock

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Hey all,

So I've been scratching my head trying to figure this out for a week. my goal here is to create a patch with a volume ducking effect every quarter note synced to my DAW (Similar to the effect used popularly in Electronic Music). I want the ducking to stay in time with my DAW and be independent of the timing of the notes I'm playing. It seemed using motion sequences would be the easiest way to accomplish this as I can set the MS to "Beat" Sync and my keyboard would sync to the daw, but I was informed by support MS doesn't respond to external start/stop. Also, Ideally I want to accomplish this without using the A/D Input as I'm not sure I'll have that as an option when performing.

I'm using Logic Pro 10.8.1 as my DAW. sending clock and start/stop commands. I have no issues syncing LFOs to my DAW with other synths, I'm not sure why this is such a complicated thing in the MONTAGE/MODX system

Posted : 27/03/2024 6:40 pm
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Part LFOs can be synced to the MIDI clock (turn Tempo Sync ON).

For syncing Logic's clock to Montage:

Given the discussion about start/stop - I take it the challenge is in defining when the downbeat of "1" is to begin.

You could also use control arpeggios to duck the volume.  These may be easier to handle starting/stopping.  If you have the arpeggio set to toggle mode then you could send any note, from Logic, within ARP range to the ARP's channel to start and/or stop (toggle).

This isn't something I do in my own playing, so I don't have a recipe but I can try to replicate a similar setup using Cubase and see what I can come up with.


Posted : 27/03/2024 8:52 pm
Blake Angelos
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Hi dagalam, 

Welcome to the YamahaSynth forum!

Are you wondering about setting up a sidechain compressor? There is a great MONTAGE article that will help here. There is also a great video here from Dom Sigalas on how to set up a sidechain compressor.

The Motion Sequencer is cool for automation of synth parameters, and it can sync to Tempo (which is what you want to set it to when working with a DAW. You just have to set MODX to sync to external MIDI clock and it will sync correctly). But it's really a tool for automation and control of different parameters where sidechain compression is an audio control where some source (kick drum) keys the gain reduction of a compressor with a fast release (so the level returns to the pre-compressed state created by the kick drum). Is this what you are trying to accomplish? Let us know!

Posted : 29/03/2024 7:06 pm

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