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MODX+ Hiss and artifacting in FM Synthesis

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New MODX+ owner. I’m wondering why I’m getting so much hiss/noise, especially when using the FM Synth patches. I hear it through the studio monitors (old Alesis MK2) and even more so in the headphones(Audiotechnica ATH-M50x). I also hear an artifacting, like a mix of light hiss and flange buried in the notes, like you’d hear from really bad MP3s in the 2000s. It’s not musical, so I’m not sure if it’s a quirk of the FM Synth engine or something wrong. I don’t hear any hiss/flanging unless I’m playing.

The keyboard has a tendency to distort/clip fairly easy in both the monitors and headphones when the master is past 1 o’clock, even though the volume isn’t very loud. Seems like the MODX+ onboard headphone/line out amp is pretty weak and flat. 

So, is the hiss and artifacting normal on the FM Synth? And why does the keyboard clip/distort easily? I have an old Korg Triton, and it’s tried and true. No noise. No quirks. Full, rich sound.

The MODX+ is finicky. I’m hoping it’s user error.

Posted : 05/04/2024 4:35 am
Blake Angelos
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To me this sounds like a gain issue. You only stated your monitors but are you using a mixer? Are you set up in stereo? if you have a mixer, does the mixer have input gain on the channels? MODX+ does not have noisy outputs, and in fact any modern professional piece gear doesn't have issues with noise in the signal for the most part. What causes noise is usually related not having enough input gain at the first point of entry, usually a mixer channel without enough input gain. Sd far as the FM sounds, what particular sounds are you talking about? It's hard to know without some examples.

Posted : 05/04/2024 4:37 pm

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