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blues harmonica mod wheel lfo aarrangements for vibrato

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I want to make a nice vibrato setting on my 1752 blues harmonica preset. How should I change the lfo settings assigned to the mod wheel for this articulation. that might be a good sample.

Do you suggest another way to reach a bluesy harmonica 🙂

Posted : 21/07/2023 5:28 pm
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Check out the FM Harmonica preset.

Play a note and you will hear a similar effect.

Go to the Part Settings -> Mod/Control -> Part LFO screen and you can see the LFO settings.

The 2nd LFO screen has additional settings.

And on the Control Assign screen you can see the Mod Wheel is assigned to LFO2 AMD.

Those are the three areas you want to focus on.

Posted : 21/07/2023 5:55 pm

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