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Calling all Piano Player Audiophiles - Help!

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I have found profound differences in sound depending on hearing levels.

And after some testing I now know my system will sound second to none between 83 and 95 dB SPL C weighting. Android comes in with a helping hand.

If I pay attention to a single voice for hours I will end finding any kind of glitch, be it software or my own mood...Or, on the contrary I get acostumed to it, finally accepting the perceived sound as it is. A trumpet is not a trumpet: simply, this trumpet is another trumpet, one of its kind. By the way, I always thought Yamaha pianos

sounded a bit metallic to me, while Steinway & Sons are on the wooden side, and I like them a lot, to the point of becoming freeze at the incoming sounds regardless of the piece being played...A master at the keyboard,?, great. An amateur...?, time for you to arrange those outstanding sound pulses, my friend...take you time.

Well, the adjustments are nearly endless, be it at the formant, voice, scene, system, room, furniture, hearing location levels...thankfully, but when the whole orchestra is at work, there is nothing to blame , just cheerful enjoyment as the stratification of sounds will surely mask any little glitch. Just discovering MP3....!!!!

Posted : 02/02/2020 11:20 am
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