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Montage 8 sliders to assign volume to them for different parts

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I would like to know how to setup this simple thing yet can't do. I have bass, piano and strings...different parts in a performance. Say piano is part one, bass is part six and strings is part 4. I figured out how to assign volume control for strings to go in and is where I am having a challenge.

I want to use the sliders to control volume when playing live (somethings you might need to add more bass or turn down the piano while playing in certain environments.

How can I as the example here: assign slider 1 to be volume control for the bass, slider two be volume control for the piano and string volume be for slider 3?

Not the knobs..but the actual sliders. Thanks in advance....two days and can't figure this out.

Montage 8 running with latest firmware (3.5).

Posted : 02/01/2021 7:48 pm
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The sliders are "hard-coded" to work a certain way. They are not assignable like the knobs are.

There are 3 modes of the sliders in Montage:

Parts 1-8, (for level control of Parts 1-8 - slider 1=Part 1 through slider 8=Part 8)
Parts 9-16, (for level control of Parts 9-16 - slider 1=Part 9 through slider 8=Part 16) and
Element/Operator (for level control of the currently selected Part's individual elements for AWM2 or operators for FM-X)

There is a green LED to the left of the sliders to indicate which mode the sliders are currently in. For most Performances, you can press the [PERFORMANCE] (HOME) button to place the sliders into "Parts 1-8" mode. This is the mode you want to use.

If your Piano and Bass and Strings are all single-Part sounds - then the hard-coded way sliders function will work for you.

Assuming sliders are in "Parts 1-8" mode: If piano is Part 1 (and only Part 1 - not multiple Parts), Strings is Part 4 (again, a single Part), and Bass is Part 6 then Slider 1 controls the level of Part 1 (piano), Slider 4 controls the level of Part 4 (strings), and Slider 6 controls the level of Part 6 (bass).

You wanted slider 1, 2, and 3 to do this - but their function is fixed as a 1:1 relation between the slider number and Part number. You cannot assign them differently.

If you really want Slider 1 for Bass, Slider 2 Piano, and Slider 3 for Strings - then you need to respect the rule (that you can't change) that sliders only control levels of the Parts that match the numbering of the sliders. You need to move the bass to Part 1 by using the Part exchange feature. You need to move Piano to Part 2 by using Part exchange. You need to move the strings to Part 3 by using Part exchange.

If you have multi-Part instruments (like piano and/or strings use more than 1 Part) - then you need to pick a different single-Part instrument so that one slider can control the volume.

Yes, there are more complicated ways of making sliders to indirectly control the levels of Parts - and this is assignable. So there's a complicated way of getting any slider to control the level of any other Part or even to control the levels of multiple Parts together with a single slider. However - this is "eats up" the controlling slider as only a controller. You cannot have an audible sound on this slider. And the programming is convoluted. I've hardly seen anyone take me up on this approach. Because it's messy. But there's no other way to get sliders to become programmable without using external gear other than to use envelope followers and a lot of setup.

I'd stick with using single-Part pianos, strings, and bass - then move those to the Parts that match the sliders you want for control.

Posted : 02/01/2021 8:30 pm
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How can I as the example here: assign slider 1 to be volume control for the bass, slider two be volume control for the piano and string volume be for slider 3?

Not the knobs..but the actual sliders. Thanks in advance....two days and can't figure this out.

Spend no more time ... unnecessarily...

The “Assignable Knobs” are assignable.
The “Sliders” are already *assigned*.

The 8 Common Assign Knobs can address overall functions and can be linked to the Super Knob; the 128 Part Assign Knobs (8 per Part) can address the selected Part’s functions
The 8 Sliders either send Part Volumes, 1-8, 9-16; or they send Oscillator Levels, 1-8, for the currently selected Part, 1-16. You switch the function by selecting [PERFORMANCE CONTROL] or [PART CONTROL] for Parts 1-8 and [SHIFT] + [PART CONTROL] for Parts 9-16.

__You could assign 3 Assign Knobs, for example, 1, 2, 3 each to control a different one of your three instruments... by using the Common Assign Knobs, these parameters will be available when you recall the Performance... you simply reach up and change the balance as you require.
__You could preset different balances between the three instruments using the [SCENE 1-8] buttons - pressing a Scene button could recall a preset volume for each.
__You can link all Volumes to the Super Knob — programming a completely different response for each of the three instruments.

Posted : 03/01/2021 2:03 pm
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The problem comes when the volume of a part is controlled by an assignement. Moving the slider don't change volume.

But you can use sliders to control volume:
Edit each part to change assignement of 'Volume' to 'Element level'. Be careful to see if elements have different element level values.

In this case, create other element assignements and use element switch On/Off (in control assign) to selectively control element.
Write somewhere the amplitude level value of each element to adjust the ratio in assignement.

Then set each element level = 0

The sliders should control the volume of each part, and the assign knobs and the super knob continue to work.
Remember: Each slider for each part.


Posted : 03/01/2021 5:23 pm
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For my own usage - I came from using the Motif ES series before purchasing a Montage. In order to balance parts or to "cut off" some Parts and bring others in, I did a dance with the sliders to bring up/down certain Parts. I wished I could more easily do this with a button press since I mainly just wanted full on vs. full off.

With Montage, I quickly saw that scenes were the answer to my wish. Now I do not use sliders at all during a gig. I program all of my levels into scenes and use buttons to get levels exactly where I want them for a given section of music.

Scenes can set the levels of each Part (including mute or not, including keyboard control or not) and/or can set superknob's position if it is already assigned to playing a role in mixing for a given Performance. Therefore, I completely have revamped my approach to Part mixing in order to help keep my hands on the piano keys and away from sliders. Buttons are easier for me to quickly target and get back to playing.

Still, if you really want sliders to do what you've asked - you'll have to rearrange your sounds (Parts) to match the slider positions.

Posted : 03/01/2021 7:56 pm

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