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Montage M8x not functioning with MAC OS13.4 2023 MAC MINI M2

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Apologies if there is a thread, Im just so frustrated with how search engines have YEARS of old info. Had my unit for a week now, and I still cannot get it to show up in AUDIO MIDI setup midi. Ive installed and uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, left foot in, right foot out...

I really wish yamaha would have put the driver in the app store, I have a sinking feeling thats what its all about.

the other possible vector is Im replacing a Motif ES8 (it served me well for 20 years, still is great) the new MacOS m2 's its not like the old ones where you could just go into the library and make changes. So i dont know how to uninstall the previous Yamaha driver.

any help is much appreciated. ive just about thrown in the towel , at least for awhile.

Posted : 20/10/2023 1:50 am
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any help is much appreciated. ive just about thrown in the towel

That's gotta be the last thing you thought you would have to deal with.

Hopefully, the M8X itself is working the way you expected.

Can't help specifically with Mac - I'm a windows guy.

But it does sound like a driver issue. And although it may not be necessary it is usally a good idean to uninstall the old Steinberg driver unless you REALLY need a dual-driver setup - and I'm not sure that works anyway.

You first said you installed and uninstalled but later said you didn't now how to uninstall the old driver.

Can you clarify a couple of things:

1. did you uninstall any old Steinberg USB driver and then reboot and confirm it is gone?
2. did you download the Driver from the Montage M download page for macOS?

3. did you install that driver? Any issues, problems, messages?
4. does the system report the driver as operating normally? - not sure how you do that on mac

That's about the limit of my help.

Posted : 20/10/2023 2:10 am
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What setting do you have the keyboard set to? USB or Midi?

Posted : 20/10/2023 3:11 am
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The latest I've tested (and with the previous Montage, not the M) is macOS 12 (Monterey). I found that works although I have an Intel Macbook. Other M2 users have had success with the latest drivers and Montage classic. The USB architecture is "the same" so I would expect M8X to work no better or worse than the previous Montage classic.

All of this is using the conventional method of installing the driver without using the App store. I don't think lack of app store is the issue. macOS fully supports signed dmg/package installs downloaded from the internet without penalty.

Whatever you do, don't upgrade to the latest macOS or expect to wait for driver support.

I don't think the Motif ES (USB-MIDI) driver is going to conflict with anything. I also have a Motif ES era keyboard - the baby brother "MO6" and have the USB-MIDI driver installed alongside the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver which is what Montage and Montage M use.

Unfortunately, I haven't been much help here in terms of offering advice on what to do. I'm hoping that someone with Apple silicon can chime in as even if I upgrade to Ventura here (... and get a Montage M) - I'm still only able to provide results for an Intel CPU.

Posted : 20/10/2023 3:42 am
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Included on the page with the download of the MacOS version of the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver is a link to this document which includes the step-by-step for installing and setting security permission on your OS11, 12 or 13 Mac

Posted : 20/10/2023 4:40 am

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