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Is it possible to stop/start the Montage built-in click feature 'on the fly' to speak?

The mode settings seem to be rather inflexible being: 'off'/'always'/'Rec'/ & 'Rec/Play' ...but I'm really looking to just Start and/or Stop the click using a button or something like.

Is this at all Possible?

Posted : 18/12/2022 10:00 pm
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This was already suggested in a previous thread of yours. Don't use click. Click only has the options you summarized. If you want to mimic a click but have more control over the start and stop then use an arpeggio that plays click sounds for you.

Arpeggios allow for you to toggle them using a key (on/off) or you can use scenes to stop the click from sounding or you can use volume sliders or ... (many options).

Posted : 19/12/2022 12:38 am
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OK..Thanks Jason

Posted : 19/12/2022 5:10 am

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