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Visually impeared people & Work stations

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My name is Theo and i m writting this post from Greece!
I m a visually impeared person, my vision is very low.
I m 28 years old and, as i remember my self, i just ocupy my self with music!
from child, i love music, music it's a channel to express my self, to travel thru sounds, melodies, to experiment with new styles and music!
I play keyboards! (none professionally, as hoby)! i play with and, without my Yamaha synt, with pc and many softwares i use!
Technology year to year is going to grow, many new work stations are going to go to people , just love music, but, i don't know, if in deed they are for all...
As i have make a little bit search, none of keyboards in new season of tech, have a kind of app for visually impeared persons & blind, in order to navigate to menus, to sounds/voices, to make there life in the new world of new instruments, more easy!
A pprogram, like, a screen reading software, that, all other devices has. From Windows pcs, (Jaws & supernova) Android compatible devices,(Tallkback), to Aple's devices, (Voiceover)!
I mension this, having in to my consideration, that all new Workstations, will have touchscreen!
and, this, can be a revolution, a super way for a person with full vision to control a keyboard, but, for a person with low vision or blind it's somethink more than dificult!
So, from this post, i would like to express my opinion and, i think that it's an opinion of many other people like me, with this or other smilar desabilities.
It would be a grate idea, if, somewhere in the new Yamaha's keyboard, a screen readding software to be included!
It could be included in the settings menu, like other devices, so, if anyone needs to use it, to be easy to do it, to activate and, to use in full all paramiters and menus of the instrument!
As long as new keyboards, are using day to day more "parts" from pcs, i don't think that it would be so dificult for th is to be acomplished!
only some mbs from space, software needs in order to be existed!
i m writting this post, basically to communicate this opinion/idea, to Yamaha's persons that, i m shoor that this mail will arive to these!
i m looking forword to answer from Yamaha and, from other keyboardists, telling there opinion for this!
many many thanks for your time readding this post,

Posted : 17/01/2016 12:48 pm
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Hi Theo

Thanks for sharing your story and inquiry. I can share a little info about Montage on exactly this topic. We had many visually impaired users of the Motif series over the years and received many comments on how to make the instrument more useable for their needs. Our engineers took this into consideration when designing Montage and the result is that anything you can do with the touchscreen can be done from the panel buttons.

Regarding the ability to read parameters, I know the CVP Clavinovas have this. I can forward your idea to our engineers and see if this is something that can be offered in a firmware update.

Thanks for your interest and comments!

Posted : 17/01/2016 2:38 pm
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1000 thanks for your reply!
since evry fanction that there is in the instrument and will be control it by touchscreen, it can be controlled and by keys, it will be fine!!!
I just mension it and for a next keyboard, work station, please, don't forget people with low vision/blind. I meen, to continue to include evry fanction in bouth, keys and touch!
and, in the case that this could be impossible, you can have in your mint the screenreading app! I m a Yamaha's fan and, I would like to continue to be!!! I m soor that the company knows how to create a super workstation and, I believe that it knows, how to support all buyers!!!
again thanks for all,
best regards!

Posted : 17/01/2016 6:02 pm

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