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Midi set up question

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Hi there,
I'm hoping to get some advice on my midi setup.


Motif xf
Cubase Artist 10.5
Roland Vdrums
Presonus audio interface

I would like to be able to record a midi drum part onto Cubase using this sounds from the motif, triggered by the Roland drums.

I think cubase is set up right. I have a midi track and an audio track, and it works fine when I perform the drum part from the motif keyboard.

I set up the midi cable from the Roland drums “out” to motif “in”. Everything is set to channel 1.

Motif utility:

Interface set to “midi” results in Roland drums triggers motif, but motif does not work as Control surface for Cubase.

Interface set to "USB" results in motif works as control surface, but Roland drums no longer trigger of the motif.

The question is: is there a way to set up so that the Roland drum triggers the motif and the motif still works as a control surface for cubase?


Posted : 13/06/2023 7:39 pm
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You're going to want to leave the interface as USB and then use Port 3 (in Cubase) to reach the Roland gear connected to the 5-pin MIDI DIN ports.

Source: Motifator forum, Bad Mister summarizes ...

Port 1 = Yamaha Motif XF8-1
Port 2 = Yamaha Motif XF8-2
Port 3 = Yamaha Motif XF8-3
Port 4 = Yamaha Motif XF8-4

You were told correctly to use PORT 1 to communicate via the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver. If you got no sound the problem probably lies elsewhere because if you are indeed using PORT 1, the MIDI connection is proper.

Port 1 - is the only port on which the Motif XF will send MIDI data that is related to note-ons, controllers and tempo, ie, your musical communication port

Port 2 - is reserved specifically for REMOTE CONTROL messages, you invite chaos and worse, by routing this port to MIDI tracks of your DAW. It is used exclusively for remote controlling DAW software. In Sonar they used to refer to this as the CONTROL SURFACE setup. Use PORT 2. DO NOT allow this to arrive on your MIDI music tracks...!!!

Port 3 - is the ‘through’ port. If you connect a MIDI keyboard or drum pad device, etc. to the 5-pin MIDI IN jack on the back panel of the Motif XF, it will send the MIDI data generated by that external device through the Motif XF (without stopping) and on to the computer. And conversely, any track in your DAW routed OUT to Yamaha Motif XF8-3 (port 3) will arrive at the 5-pin MIDI OUT jack on the back panel (without stopping in the XF). This allows the XF to act as a MIDI INTERFACE for one external device.

Port 4 - is reserved for use with the Motif XF Editor and provides bi-directional and simultaneous control over the hardware from the software editor.

When you setup a MIDI track in Cubase and tell it to use Motif XF Port 3 - this will communicate with the Roland gear.

Posted : 13/06/2023 9:34 pm
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Thanks. Activating port three did the trick.

Posted : 14/06/2023 4:19 am
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When you configure a MIDI track in Cubase and instruct it to use Motif XF Port 3, the software will be able to interface with the Roland equipment. geometry dash

Posted : 26/06/2023 10:19 am
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