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How to record music that I have created on MOXF8 and have it as mp3 files using Cubase AI 8?

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Hi, I am trying to record music that I have created on MOXF8 and have it as mp3 files using Cubase AI 8. I never had neither MOXF8 nor Cubase before.

I got a MOXF8 sometime ago and I have created some music using song and pattern mode and I like it - up to this point. Through this forum I learned that one way to have my music as audio (mp3) files that can be played at home or in my car is to convert it from pattern mode into song mode and saved onto a flash drive as MIDI file that can be uploaded into Cubase AI8 to be edited and recorded. I hope it was easier but I did my best.

In Cubase I had to reassign all the tracks again so that could play the exact instrument I had chosen on MOXF. Without much editing, just as experiment, I used export and then Mixdown to get the mp3 file I wanted. Although it says that the mp3 file was made, there was no audible sound coming from it. Before recording it I could hear the music through the headphones connected to the MOXF, but the fader linked to the sound going out had no activity. How to solve it?

Is there a way that I can I play the patterns or songs that I have recorded on the MOXF8 and record it straight to Cubase AI8 using one of those Quick Setup buttons for connection? For example: Pressing play on MOXF and pressing record on Cubase?

If I use the Quick Setup to connect when I play the MOXF and try to record it I cannot find how to activate Cubase to record what I am playing.
I would truly appreciate your help on getting this to work.
Thank you

Posted : 20/01/2016 6:28 pm
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Of course it is possible to record audio directly to Cubase (or any other DAW) from what is played in your MOXF (live play or song/pattern). Maybe you have to read first "MOXF Basic Audio Recording Part I" and "MOXF Basic Audio Recording Part II", found in MOXF Resources of this site, in order to make the necessary setup.

As far as the second option (transferring your MIDI file to Cubase and then export the audio mixdown to a wav or mp3 file), have in mind that before the export process, you have to select in your Cubase project, the range of the project that you wish to export (there are two small markers for this purpose, the start and end marker, above your MIDI tracks project area). If these markers are left in their default settings, practically there is nothing selected in your project and then there is no audio to the exported audio file.

Posted : 21/01/2016 10:18 am
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Kostas is correct. In order for the DAW (Cubase) to EXPORT > AUDIO MIXDOWN from MIDI Tracks, you must not only set the Left and Right markers for the region you wish to render as audio, you must also setup the MOXF for VST routing.

VST (short for Virtual Studio Technology) routing allows the MIDI data on your tracks to be returned to the MOXF VST (Editor) MIDI IN. This will allow the MOXF hardware to output AUDIO to Cubase and your audio data will be rendered during real time playback.

Have you setup the MOXF VST Editor inside of Cubase?
You can download the MOXF VST EDITOR STANDALONE/VST from the Official Yamaha download site:

Posted : 21/01/2016 12:04 pm

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