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New Steinberg USB driver for MOXF?

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Hello everyone!
I had an interesting question to Yamaha. Do you plan to create a new driver for the moxf synthesizer? As I have noticed, creating a new Steinberg USB Driver for the synthesizer Montage allowed the transfer of 16 stereo input and 3 stereo outputs. Is it possible the same for the moxf?

Posted : 24/01/2016 3:07 pm
Bad Mister
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The MOXF and the Montage will use the same driver (Yamaha Steinberg USB driver)... but it is the hardware that determines what and how it is used. The Montage has Stereo plus 30 individual outputs + MIDI. The MOXF has dual Stereo outputs + MIDI. So no, without new hardware the driver has nothing to 'drive'. Not possible.

There will be an update to the driver in May, but that is so that the Montage can be added to the list of products that use that driver. (the MX uses it as well, as a Stereo output + MIDI)... The Yamaha 01V96i uses it as well for 16 audio Outputs, the Yamaha TF-series mixers use it for 34 audio Outputs (Stereo + 32 individual outputs, etc.

Posted : 24/01/2016 3:49 pm

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