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How to use the knobs assigns

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I would like to know if is possible to assign to the knobs 'assign 1 and 2' an effect, for example a distortion effect, that you can use while playing to increase or decrease the level of distorsion. Thanks so much for helping

Posted : 31/05/2022 8:26 am
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3rd party software gives you more options.

Captured from Vycro MX Pro (Windows)

The insertion effect is a "distortion" category effect. Dry/Wet should do it if the effect is setup this way. Or, alternatively, overdrive is also a destination.

Although the Mac version (Pro and regular) were also both made freely available - I haven't been able to find the Pro Mac version anywhere. The original website is gone and now there are unofficial places to get them which means keep your virus scanners up to date and scan. Others will lead you to the Melas MX editor which I assume can do the same thing, at a different price point - albeit current and supported.

Posted : 01/06/2022 2:59 am

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