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Changing Voices smoothly while performing

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I have an MX88 and I prepared for my own taste a series of performances and voices saved in User. I want to change voices smoothly while I am performing.
I've read in User manual, page 27 and 30, but I can't understand what kind of insertion effect May I apply.
My keyboard is splitted (part 2 left hand, part 1 Right hand and I want to pass smoothly from a performance to the next (I change performances with a footswitch, inserted in sustain jack-works OK). Concrete: how can I pass smoothly from performance 1(part2= Org-Glassy, part1=AP CP1979) to the performance 2( part2= Org-Glassy, part1=STR, Violin)
The second question: Can I use for these settings John Melas Total Librarian?
Thanks for response. Peter.

Posted : 25/06/2022 4:02 pm

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