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M8X - Can you determine if a given element is sounding without being on the edit screen for that element?

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Previous instruments only supported 8 elements for a part. Several screens had a row of 8 lights, one for each element, and the corresponding light would be lit when that element produced output.

So you could tell when different key velocities affected each element.

The M8X doesn't seem to have an equivalent way of determining element activity. The sub display only shows level and ON/OFF status for elements 1-8 and doesn't appear to have an 'activity' light at all.

On the main display there will be ONE light on the 'Elem' dropdown when you have an element selected and that light is ONLY for the one selected element.

On the performance home screen the 'Part Info' View mode displays the levels and switches for the first 8 elements.
See page 118 of the Operations doc.

But there is no activity indicator for those 8 elements and there does not appear to be a way to select a different group of 8 elements. Note that when the destination is an element parameter on the Control Assign screen that screen
has an 'Element SW' parameter that allows you to select/display different sets of 8 elements at a time.

Is there any way, on any screen to see element activity short of actually selecting each element one at a time?

Posted : 28/10/2023 6:44 pm

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