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Resource: Reface CS - Low Frequency Oscillator

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Bad Mister gets deeper into the CS with a look at one of the most commonly-used modulation sources, the low frequency oscillator. Check out the article at this link and let us know if you have any questions, comments or tips!

Posted : 29/10/2015 12:19 am
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Can the waveform of the LFO be changed at all in any way? Just curious about that, since I really want to experiment more with my reface CS

Posted : 25/05/2023 6:05 am
Bad Mister
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There are 5 different possible Wave shapes for the refaceCS’s LFO.
See the following articles to get started:
refaceCS LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator

refaceCS Parameter Basics

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Posted : 25/05/2023 9:47 am

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