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MOTIF XF: The Top Ten Articles on YamahaSynth

Check out the top ten most read MOTIF XF articles on YamahaSynth.
We went through all the MOTIF XF articles for MOTIF week and chose the ten most popular ones. Check it out below:

1. MOTIF XF: What’s New
It's all about what's under the hood. This article explains what made the MOTIF XF different than the MOTIF XS.

2. MOTIF XF VST Editor
The VST Editor for MOTIF XF is pretty cool. This guide shows you how to set it up in Cubase.

3. Introducing MOTIF XF Effects
The MOTIF XF Effects explained!

4.Exploring MOTIF XF 1.5 HD Reverbs
MOTIF OS v1.5 added some great HD reverbs. This article shows you why they are so cool.

MOTIF XF Song Import using the VST Editor

The song import feature allows you to import a complete MOTIF XF song into Cubase. It even imports samples created in the Integrated Sampling Sequencer!

6. MOTIF XF YSFW Setup Macintosh with Cubase
If you use the FW16E firewire board and you run Cubase on a Mac, this guide will help you set it all up. 

7. MOTIF XF Setup Templates for Cubase
These setup templates make connecting Cubase and MOTIF XF easy for a variety of production situations. 

8. Setting up a Microphone MOTIF XF A/D Input
Want to use the Vocoder in MOTIF XF? This article shows you how to set up a micorphone to do this an more. 

9. Flash Board Session: MOTIF XF
The "F" in XF is for "Flash", and you can install up to 2 Gigs of flash memory in MOTIF XF. This article explains how to install, set up and load samples onto the FL512/1024 flash board. 

10. MOTIF XF USB-MIDI Setup for Windows and Mac
These are both easy to follow guides that show how to connect MOTIF XF to the computer. 

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