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Synthbits: Nicholas Semrad and Lenny "The OX" Reece Instagram Jam with CP88

Check out this Instagram post from Nicholas Semrad and Lenny "The OX" Reece!
This quick little jam featuring Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Nicholas Semrad and the supremely grooving drummer Lenny "The Ox" Reece is deep. Nick and Lenny put up this video on Instagram following their burning perfomance on the Yamaha Stage at NAMM 2019. Nick plays the CP88 Stage Piano with VCM Phaser and a touch of Drive and Lenny provides the grooviest of grooves. Want to see more of these guys? Check out the MODX Launch video here and the Lesson GK website. Check it out below:
Winter NAMM 2019: Interview with Nicholas Semrad, ...
Winter NAMM 2019: Interview Nicholas Semrad, Part ...

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