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MONTAGE and Ableton Live Basic Setup: Part I

MONTAGE and Ableton Live Basic Setup: Part I
Want to use MONTAGE with Ableton Live? Let Ableton Live Expert Josh Weatherspoon show you how! This is the first in a 3-part series - so let's get started . . . 
Ableton Live is known for its ability to compose, record and arrange music in realtime. MONTAGE excels at sound creation and deep dynamic control. Combining the two is easy and provides a great music-making system!

In this video, Josh Weatherspoon, Ableton Live Expert, shows how a single USB cable allows both audio and MIDI connections. It’s a streamlined setup eliminating the need for an additional audio interface. This lets you play, control and record internal MONTAGE sounds with Ableton Live virtual instruments and audio tracks for a simple, high quality stage and studio solution:

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And stay tuned for part II in the series - coming soon!
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