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YamahaSynth Resources

Websites, Apps and Social Media destinations for owners of Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Keyboards.


YamahaSynth.com helps you get the most out of your Yamaha Synthesizer and Stage Keyboard with in-depth tutorials, inspiring synth content and interactive user forums. From the site’s home page you can get to the following places:

  • Story: We created the Synth Story in celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Yamaha Synthesizers. Here you can watch a cool video showcasing important Yamaha Synthesizers over the past 45 years and jump directly to each decade to view specific instruments.
  • Forum: The forum lets you ask questions about your Yamaha Synthesizers. The Yamaha Synth team and active community help provide useful, relevant answers.
  • Learn: Here’s where you can learn about all sorts of synth-related stuff: using your Yamaha Synth, programming synthesizers, watching synth videos and more!
  • Share: Have you posted something cool with your Yamaha Synthesizer or Stage Keyboard? Tag your creation with #yamahasynth and it will appear here.
  • Apps: This is where you’ll find web apps (more information below).
  • Artists: Check out artists playing Yamaha Synths.


  • FM Converter Converts classic DX and TX FM synth sounds to MONTAGE and MODX FM-X. This lets you bring classic FM sounds into the modern FM-X engine. 
  • Soundmondo is a social sound sharing site for Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Keyboards. Download sounds for your instrument or upload and share your sounds. There are over 50,000 free sounds to check out.


  • Camelot: A powerful keyboard management system that negotiates connections between multiple hardware and software synthesizers for Mac OS, PC and iPad.
  • SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition (Mac/PC): A version of SampleRobot specifically designed for MONTAGE. Its makes instrument sampling easy with an intuitive interface and simple connection to MONTAGE. Free for MONTAGE owners.
  • John Melas MONTAGE/MODX Tools (Mac/PC): A software editing solution for MONTAGE and MODX featuring a Total Librarian, Performance Editor and Live Set Editor. The Waveform Editor adds additional user wave editor and file import functionality.


Got an iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? There are several apps to check out:
  • Soundmondo: Connect to Soundmondo via iOS.
  • FM Essential: A free FM synthesizer app. Connect to MX Series synthesizer to unlock the full version.
  • TNR-e and TNR-i: These two apps are app recreations of the TENORI-ON electronic music device.
  • Mobile Music Sequencer: A phrase-based sequencing app with a software synth featuring 92 sounds, 9 drum kits.
  • Synth Book: An app suite featuring a Music Remixer, virtual analog modeling synth called “AN2015” and an illustrated history of Yamaha Synthesizers.


Looking for new sounds for your Yamaha Synthesizer? Yamaha MusicSoft is a great place to find cool and inspiring content. 


You can find us online at the destinations below:
  • YamahaSynth SoundCloud
    • “Behind the Synth” is the official podcast for Yamaha Synthesizers. Behind the Synth showcases the people bringing you Yamaha synthesizers. The Yamaha Synthesizer team hosts interviews with artists, producers, sound designers and offers product overviews on Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Keyboards.
    • Live Sessions: Check out some of the Live Sessions by Yamaha Synthesizer Artists from various events.
    • Audio Demos: We post audio demos of Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Keyboards on the YamahaSynth Soundcloud Page.
  • Instagram: Yamahasynths_official is the place on Instagram for Yamaha Synthesizers. Video posts feature live performances and quick tutorials.
  • Ideascale: The YamahaSynth IdeaScale community is a place where end users can post suggestions for new products and updates to current products. IdeaScale is an innovation management platform employing the principles and practices of crowdsourcing to gather ideas to make products better. If you have an idea for a cool feature, join the IdeaScale community on YamahaSynth.
  • YouTube: Yamaha Synths official features content from live streams (including Tech Talk Live), shows, product launches and more. There’s also a host of tutorials and artist performances there as well.
  • Facebook: Yamahasynths Facebook is the hub for all things Yamaha. Learn about the latest products, tips and our special live stream events here.
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