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By: Blake Angelos

Here’s a quick guide for your new SEQTRAK!

Thanks for purchasing SEQTRAK. This guide is designed to help you get up and making music ASAP!

What’s in the Box?

Manual Downloads

Quick Connections


Connect SEQTRAK to a USB C power adapter (sold separately) using the supplied USB C cable. You can also connect to an available USB C port on a computer.


SEQTRAK has a built in speaker for making music on the go. You can also connect SEQTRAK to headphones, mixers, studio monitors and more. Connect wired headphones via the MINI 1/8″ stereo [PHONES] output located next to the USB C port on SEQTRAK. For connection to other sources like mixers or powered speakers you may need a stereo MINI to 1/4″ stereo cable (sold separately):

For the best sound quality, we recommend connecting your instrument in stereo. Many of the instrument sounds are sampled/programmed in stereo and many of the effects are stereo effects as well.
Set the appropriate input gain on your mixer, audio interface or powered speakers. Then adjust the output level to the optimal level for your playing and listening environment. For more information on input gain and gain staging go here.


The SEQTRAK app has the following features:

  • Dynamic Tutorial: explains functions as you move SEQTRAK controls.
  • GUI Editor: gives you a graphic user interface for programming sounds and sequences.
  • Visualizer: a unique graphics creation tool for adding animations with augmented reality to your music creations.

You don’t need the App to use SEQTRAK, but it enhances the music making experience. The SEQTRAK App is free and available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Download the SEQTRAK App here:

Audio Input

SEQTRAK features an onboard sampler to record the world around you. You can record from the following sources with the SEQTRAK App:

  • The default source is the built-in microphone for on-the-fly sampling. The microphone is in the top corner of the speaker:
  • The 1/8” stereo [AUDIO IN] for analog audio.
  • The built-in USB C connection for digital audio (You can use USC C to sample digitally from computers and mobile devices with USB C connections, too).

The Sampler allows you to add unique sounds to your SEQTRAK creations.

USB C To Host

The USB C TO HOST port allows MIDI and audio connections to computers and mobile devices. Please see the “Connecting SEQTRAK” article for more information.

Exploring SEQTRAK

To begin exploration, press and hold the [PROJECT] button on the right corner and press the first Drum Key:

Exploring SEQTRAK is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Start Playback: Press the [POWER/PLAY] button to start playback of a pattern.
  2. Select Patterns: Turn the [ALL] knob to change Patterns.
  3. Interact: Turn the switch to MASTER
    • Use the [FX LEVEL] to increase/decrease the amount of a selected effect to the groove.
    • Use [HIGH PASS] to sweep the filter of the groove in real-time.
    • Use the [REPEATER] to add rhythmic stutters to the groove during playback and performance.

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