Synth Programming

Part Three of the Subtractive Synthesis series brings it all together.
Part Two of the Subtractive Synthesis series talks about envelopes, LFOs and the use of real-time controllers.
Part one of a three-part Subtractive Synthesis series gets us into the basics.
Great videos from a great FM programmer!
Part III explores Four Operator FM Synthesis.
Part II of madFame's FM Synthesis Series.
A curated collection of articles on FM Synthesis.
This intermediate level article series offers great FM programming tips and tricks.
An intermediate/advanced article series on FM-X by Manny Fernandez.
An excellent four-part video series on basic FM Synthesis.
Manny Fernandez's first YamahaSynth article series featuring reface DX.
Some great conversations with designers of sound!
Blake and Nate chat with noted author, Howard Massey. 
FM Synthesis: The history behind it, how it works and how to make it work for you.
Check out this great video from madFame!
Howard Massey's FM 101 series continues with more excellent FM programming tips using multiple operators.
Howard Massey's FM 101 series concludes with a look at parallel modulators, parallel carriers and modulator cascades.
Part Four of FM 101 explores how sounds change over time.
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