Synth Programming

A closer look at sophisticated dynamic control in MONTAGE/MODX
Take control of your sound.
Great pad from a classic FM synth!
Signature Artist Sounds
New MONTAGE Sounds!
Deep synth sounds for MONTAGE/MODX.
Great MONTAGE and MODX sounds from HP!
YC OS v1.2 Overview and a Smart Morph Tutorial!
Soulful Sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
Expressive and musical sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!
The team shares their favorite YC Series feature
Take your drum creation to the next level!
Blake and Nate chat with Synth Guru, Katsunori UJIIE
Want to enhance your sound?
Behind the Synth with Nick Semrad and Luke Smith.
Part Three of the Subtractive Synthesis series brings it all together.
Part Two of the Subtractive Synthesis series talks about envelopes, LFOs and the use of real-time controllers.
Part one of a three-part Subtractive Synthesis series gets us into the basics.
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