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An iOS App to Organize Songs/Performances Key Info - Does it exist? Can you Recommend?

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I am looking for an iOS App to store and organize Songs/Performances info, such as:
- Rythm
- Scale & Key
- Lyrics - IMPORTANT
- Chords - IMPORTANT
- etc...

That is, something for reference when re-playing those songs on a keyboard.

I can easily make such a thing in a Word Editor/Note App or a Spreadsheet App (as you see above, my top 2 needed features are Lyrics and Chords), but an App for this purpose would indeed be better (assuming it would also include some nice features).

Features such as Synching to the Keyboard & Files Upload are not a must for me.

If you previously used a Korg PA, then the Songbook Feature can do that.
If you previosuly used a Yamaha PSR, then the Playlists/Registrations + Lyrics + ChordTracker + Chord Looper can help doing that.

But I am looking for something on the iOS, mobile enough to be used with any Keyboard.

Any recommendations?


Posted : 30/05/2022 8:05 pm
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Maybe ChordPro might be of help?

The Links section shows some mobile app implementations:

Posted : 31/05/2022 9:56 am
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Songbook+ or SongbookPro

Posted : 01/06/2022 4:32 pm
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Thanks Guys for the input! Really appreciate it.

SongbookPro looks exactly to what I need.

I also noticed that the keyword that I should search for to find such Apps is simply "SongBook" lol, although I mentioned it in my original post but didn't know that such Apps are mainly called "SongBooks".

Time for a 2 weeks vacation away from my gear, so will atack this later 😀

Posted : 02/06/2022 3:39 pm
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I often use song books and chord. You can do it for a while time. This is a smart app. I really like it.

Posted : 16/11/2022 4:23 am
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Set List Maker is a popular one. You can also set it up so that when you call up a song on it, it can also send a MIDI Program Change, so then it can be just "one tap" to be ready to play a song, vs. 2 (once on the iPhone and once on your keyboard).

Posted : 16/11/2022 4:30 pm

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