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Bass ARP Note Trigger Limitation

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I'm running into the strangest problem. I have setup a performance that includes the Mega Finger+Slap patch, and it uses some of the [Mg] ARPs that end with "_C". What's weird is that when I'm playing the piano and my left hand doesn't hit a note at or below C#2, the pitch of the bass groove doesn't change. All notes below D2 cause the pitch to change to the key I pressed. All notes starting with D2 and higher have zero effect on the ARP's key. ARPs ending with "_N" do not have this problem.

Is this by design, a defect, or something I can adjust so that D2 and above change keys with ARPs ending with '_C". By the way, pretty much all available ARPs created for the Mega bass instruments end with "_C".

Posted : 08/07/2022 2:52 pm
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"_C" arpeggios will always play the arpeggio output within a certain range of the keyboard. However, trigger notes should be any note on the keyboard. So these will have a sort of organ-style "foldback".

Check out your arpeggio settings and look at the note range there. Edit a Part, make sure "Common" (lower left) is selected. Navigate to "Arpeggio" -> "Common" then make sure "Note Limit" covers the trigger notes you want to use.

Note that there are multiple places where you'll see "Note Limit" settings and they are not duplicates of each other. Each does something different. To me, it's confusing that when the arpeggio is turned off that the note limit on the home screen limits the trigger notes and when you switch on arpeggios, now there's a different place (under "Arpeggio" -> "Common" ) where these note limits live. It's just one of those things that has been in the Yamaha keyboard DNA for a long long time. FYI: when an arpeggio is running for a Part - the Part's home screen note limits will limit the output of the arpeggio (not the trigger notes).

Posted : 08/07/2022 3:17 pm

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